Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sub-Zero Reputation

Yes... From zero to sub-zero. I'm on one side of my mind impressed on the fed gomen's action, showing their nothing-to-lose desperation. On the other side, I feel disgusted at the extent of their action - foul and filthy. When I finish this post, I'm gonna puke.

UEKKKKKK!!! Oops... sorry! Can't hold on any longer. Hope August 26 pass with a smooth and gracious combat.

Why am I impressed and disgusted at the same time?

1. Usage of an un-investigated sodomy case as "hujah" for by-election campaign. Everyone knows that, in the name of Madam Justice the Blind, a person is innocent unless proven guilty. Some of our fed gomen leaders even voiced out this point (as if nobody knows). However, there are some jerks out there hailing "sodomy" during the by-election campaign. Sodomy - Is this word relevent? A country led by a sodomite - Is this not a statement of prejudice? Where is "innocent unless proven guilty"? Is it not childish? Extremely, I dare say.

By the way, in due respect to the departed ones, I do not agree with the yelling of the name "Altantuya" during the campaign neither. Let her rest in peace, guys. And, one note - two blacks do not make a white.

2. Having full-force concentration on Permatang Pauh. Cool... Imagine - all the big shots, including our "beloved" DPM and even our "beloved" PM, paid a visit to a constituency 400 km from their administrative base. So much time to help in the campaign... C'mon la... put more time on something more important... Wait, having a swift win in Permatang Pauh is of course important! Eesh... what am I talking? By the way, I am not at all surprised that KJ was there. I am also not at all surprised that our Olympic silver medalist Lee Chong Wei was invited there (although this part I do feel disgusted... yes, I do, and not I did, because I am still wanting to vomit... wait... UEKKK!!!).

3. The efficiency of ACA... in being so fast in investigation and charging of the two Perak Excos (PKR state assemblymen). I'm just wondering... why not only one, and why not three? Well, perhaps it is just coincident that they found two and exactly two PKR assemblymen involved in bribery, and have nothing to do with 31-28 becoming 29-30 (hopefully not). On the other hand, I am also curious... I remembered that there are also fed gomen people, including the big shots, being reported to ACA for having involved in pribery. What happened to the cases? Missing files? Where are the investigative efforts on them? Oh ya... some of the efforts went to Perak.

4. This part I really wanna puke. It has been said that there will be no fuel price slash till before Sept 1, and it was announced by our 'beloved' PM twice, on Aug 14 and Aug 20. SURPRISE!!! Fuel price slash on Aug 22. Although I am one of Malaysian citizens that is more than glad to have to pay less for my petrol, I am very disgusted at the action taken - a nothing-to-lose kind of action. Well, our 'beloved' PM has done it before what - never keeping integrity of his words. C'mon, why so desperate? Do you think you can really win people's votes just by doing this? People can expect you would continue to eat your own words in future.

Although I really wanna puke, I gotta say that I am kinda expecting it to happen anyway. As I said, it has happened before what... Now, I have all the reasons to not believing in fed gomen people anymore. How could we cast votes to people whom we cannot trust? So, save my puke for next time.

5. Bogus posters, offensive and containing reverse-psychology words, were put up around Permatang Pauh. Wallau... this is new! I am amazed - I don't expect those banner creators are that clever to do that. Reverse psychology needs extremely clever people in order to make the words effective. Anyway, I am very very glad that these banners has no party logos and name of the banner printer. As quoted in MalaysiaKini: "All the banners did not carry a party logo and the name of the printer. This breaches election laws and the Elections Commission can actually take action to have them removed." We shall expect to see EC people to remove it immediately.

There are many points, but five is enough. No point wasting time on childish matters and matters that concern people with sub-zero reputation.


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