Monday, August 11, 2008

IQ Test

Recently, I was invited by Wilson to his blog for an IQ Test. According to the originator of the test, the one who partake the test needs to have IQ score above 140 in order to get the answer correctly. Haha... tell you what, my Facebook's IQ Test application states that I have a score of 143. I was indeed able to answer it, but it took me one day! With two tries. Wilson got the answer within 2 minutes, and he said his IQ score is below 140. I guess there are a few explanations to it:

1. Wilson is lying on his IQ score.

2. Wilson did some similar test(s) before, so this one - sap sap sui la...

3. This is very true... I actually ignored part of the dialogue, the part where Q said he knew that P didn't know. Yes, I ignored it, and screwed up my first try. After getting past the understanding of the whole dialogue, then only I could solve it. Lesson: Never ever ignore the details of every IQ question - be vigilant.

In order to give credit to Wilson's blog, I would not post it again here. Go and visit his blog in the above hyperlinks.

1 comment:

Wilson said...

lol~~ alright .... respond to David's explanations .. =P

1. my IQ is definitely below 140.. according to the recently Facebook IQ test [>_<]

2. I never come across with the similar test... hehehe...

3. "Never ever ignore the details of every IQ question" .... I suggest read more "Detective Conan" manga and u will eventually practice it... lol ~~ btw I'm a big fan of Detective Conan (^_^)