Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Magic Charm For Fuel Price Drop

I was reading one of the most recent vox populi (voices of the people) compilation from MalaysiaKini, and was amused at one of the response. It sounded like this:

Jo Dumas: As if March 8 was not enough evidence, the lowering of oil prices is again a sign of Anwar being a lucky charm for this country. He's not even in Parliament yet and he has been able to lower oil prices. Just imagine what this country would be destined for if he was in parliament, or even if he was the prime minister. This proves scare-mongers and doom-sayers like Khairy wrong.

Hey, it is a good reverse psychology, voiced out by a true intelligent Malaysian! Well, if the non-intelligent people can use reverse psychology to hand out bogus pamphlets, what the more intelligent rakyat can do!

How true it is, that Anwar is, even right now, in control of the direction the fuel prices are going. If there is no by-election, our 'beloved' PM would have kept his promise in reviewing fuel prices after Sept 1, and not announced price slash on Aug 22. Cool! Anwar is indeed powerful.

Haiya... I should not have puked on number four. It is indeed a good sign anyway. Thanks for the reminder, Jo Dumas. And, thanks to Pak Lah for giving us back 15 sen and helping us know who is more powerful!

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