Monday, August 4, 2008

Pseudonyms No More

I have been having problems creating funny names for my friends in my past blog posts. And I think I want to stop it, due to five reasons:

5. I want to give credits to the people that I blog about, especially those who gives great impact, positive or negative, to my life.
4. A person should be proud of his/her name, so hiding real names kinda dishonor him/her.
3. I'm lazy to think of pseudonyms.
2. I'm lazy to think of pseudonyms.
1. I'm lazy to think of pseudonyms.

Yeah... and did I mention I'm lazy? I am indeed! So, no more false names. From this blog post onwards, I will use real names. So, to my fellow brothers, sisters, friends, acquaintances out there, please let me know if you want to remain anonymous - I will continue crack my head and give funny names or just ignore you in my blog posts. :-P

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