Sunday, August 24, 2008

September Twenty-Second

Yes, it is 30 days from now... Nope, I'm not predicting the future. I'm just trying to talk about how special this day is, and hence do a bit of self promotion. :-P

September 22 is indeed a special day. Special in many ways, as I'm gonna list down as follows:

10. It is the day of Autumn Equinox. A day where the length of daytime reduces most drastically (for countries north of the Equator). A day where the weather is supposed to change most drastically from warm to chill (again, for Northern Hemispheric countries). It is mid-autumn day... No, no, no, I'm not refering to Mooncake Festival that's based on Lunar calendar - I'm refering to the Gregorian calendar.
[ How about Southern Hemispheric countries? Vice versa lar... ]

9. September 22 means there is only 100 days left till the end of year.

8. It is the day mentioned in many movies. I really forgot which movies... I will update here if I remember.

7. It is the day of birth of the fictitious characters Frodo and Bilbo Bagginses in Lord of the Rings. Strange, even the land of Middle Earth used the Gregorian calendar! Haha...

6. It is the day of birth of the famous scientist Michael Faraday (year 1791).

5. It is the day of birth of a young artiste Tom Felton (year 1987), made famous as Louis Leonowens in Anna and the King and Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter movies.

4. It is the day of birth of the famous Brazilian football player Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima, or famously known as Ronaldo (year 1976).

3. It is the day of birth of my sifu who taught me something valuable couple of months back (year ???? - he kept it secret).

2. It is the day of birth of one of my coursemates (year 1977).

1. It is the day of birth of one of my colleagues (year 1985).

And most importantly (that's why I don't number it):
It is MY BIRTHDAY!! (proudly, born in year 1978) :-)


Anonymous said...

Wuah, you super kiasu! LOL. I first, I first. Seventh! I win! I win!

Patrice said...

Hehe...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! :)One year older means one year wiser oh... XD

Cheers, Pat. :)

David Chan said...

lilian: I was hitting my head, thinking of what "seventh" mean. Now I know! Happy birthday to you! Will your 4 kids toss you that day? :-)

Pat: Hehe... that will be two and a half weeks from now. Thanks anyways. ;-)