Monday, October 27, 2008

Arsenal vs West Ham Utd

Nope. I am not a hardcore Arsenal fan, nor West Ham fan. I am NOT even a hardcore football fan! But I find this hilarious.

I was watching two friends watching the match. One is an Arsenal fan, and the other anti-Arsenal.

The Arsenal fan went like this:

And, the anti-Arsenal:

Arsenal 2 - West Ham Utd 0

P.S. I know the TV screen kinda betrays me. Just for the fun of it la... :-D

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lockup For 6-Year-Old

Dear Mr. PM,
On the 27th October 2008 Hindus in malaysia would be celebrating Deepavali-a festival to mark victory over evil.
This celebration does not mean anything to us so long as my Lawyer uncles are in prison,uncle RPK and all others are in prison under ISA.
Please release them as Divali Gift for all Malaysians.
Happy deepavali.Please visit my house for Deepavali. I will wait for you with Flowers and cakes.

Your loving daughter

Vwaishnnavi (signed)
6 years old


You write such a letter and try to send this to our deaf and blind PM, you will go to jail!!! On Thursday, October 23, 2008, as this 6-year-old girl Vwaishnnavi was trying to hand this letter to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi together with 11 adults (one of them is her mother), all the 12 of them was caught and sent to lockup. Read MalaysiaKini news here.

I know that many people have bombarded the PM, the police, and Syed Hamid on this matter. I just want to post this into my blog so that more people would be aware. I would not elaborate this. I just want to end this post with this message of mine:

6 years old is your current record. I am wondering if you are considering arresting 5yo, 4yo, 3yo, 2yo, 1yo, or toddlers. You may say that you are not actually arresting the girl (the girl is cared for by her mom), but she had indeed spent her day in the lockup. Everyone in the world saw a 6yo in lockup. Thank you very much, for once again showering shame on Malaysia!!!


1. Thanks to MalaysiaKini for putting Vox Populi free. Everyone can read the frustrations of the rakyat for free. Read here

2. Vwaishnnavi was released later on the same day, but the damage was already done.

3. I purposely spelt the name Vwaishnnavi 3 times (not including the letter that I copied and pasted), to make a point that the authority has made a shameful limelight towards this little girl, and everyone including myself (I am bad at names) would remember this incident FOR LIFE!


I was sending messages through Facebook Walls for the past few days - yes, birthday wishes. As a matter of fact, I sent 3 Wall messages on Wednesday, and another 3 on Thursday. On Friday, I am expecting to send another 3 Wall messages. And, when I launched my Firefox browser for my Facebook updates, guess what I found? I got 6 friends celebrating birthday on Saturday, and 7 friends celebrating on Sunday! See the following snapshots. I am not going to grey it out - so there would be no anonymity.

The following is the expanded view of birthday babes from October 22 to October 26.

The last week of October is indeed a very special week - and a very 'productive' one. And, September 22 is not that special after all (although that day is the most special day for me). :-P

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Delayed Pod Birthday Gift

I backdated this blog post for two reasons. First, October 22 is a significant date... it's a month after my birthday. Second, I want to spread my posts, so that it doesn't appear so sporadic... LOL!

I received this in the airport, on the day Ian flew off to Melbourne. This was so sweet of my pod members - Gino, Ian, Ben, and Daniel. Thank you so much for being the younger brothers that I never had. With you guys, I feel like 20 even though the fact is I'm 30. :-) Indeed, 10 years means nothing to God (it might just mean a split-second to Him) - we are all indeed brothers in Christ.

My birthday card and present (Don Moen's latest album)

The card and CD

The close-up of the card (with messages from my pod members)

The following section contains some of the photos taken during pod gatherings. A great collection of moments we had amid our sharings, worshipping of the Lord, and talking craps. The last one was taken during Ian's farewell party, when Ben was off working in Kuala Lumpur.

Taken after one of the pod meeting (worship and intercession) in Ian's bedroom - Ben, Gino, Daniel, Ian, David

Taken at Cafe de Toilet, after our first second pod meeting - Gino, Ian, Ben, David, Daniel
[ First meeting was at Laksa Shack, Queensbay Mall. ]

Taken in Starbucks E-Gate, after Ian's birthday dinner - Daniel, Ben, Ian, David, Gino

I like this photo. Ben sent his double portion of YCF spirit during his absence!! Bwahahaha!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

[Forwarded Mail] Financial News From Japan

Regret more bad financial news.

Following the problems in the sub-prime lending market in America and the run on Northern Rock in the UK, uncertainty has now hit Japan.

In the last 7 days Origami Bank has folded, Sumo Bank has gone belly up and Bonsai Bank announced plans to cut some of its branches. Yesterday, it was announced that Karaoke Bank is up for sale and will likely go for a song while today shares in Kamikaze Bank were suspended after they nose-dived. While Samurai Bank are soldiering on following sharp cutbacks, Ninja Bank are reported to have taken a hit, but they remain in the black. Furthermore, 500 staff at Karate Bank got the chop and analysts report that there is something fishy going on at Sushi Bank where it is feared that staff may get a raw deal.


All dogs go to Heaven.
So does Josephine.
Murderer and suicider goes to Hell.
So do inciters who kill, steal, and destroy.

[ I think a reminder of what I have learnt is needed here. ]


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Against Comfort Zone and Fear

[ In due respect to all parties, I would make the people mentioned in this article as anonymous as possible. And, mind you, since I have stopped using pseudonyms, A is NOT Andre, and B is NOT Ben. :-P ]

Today marks a month since our church (the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit) launched the Anti-ISA campaign. Alarmed by the arrest of one of our fellow Catholic MP for Seputeh constituency YB Sdri Teresa Kok last month, our church has responded with a Mass for Peace and Justice - inviting all the faithful in Penang Island District to come together, followed by the calling for prayer for anti-ISA, followed by exhibition booths for sale of Aliran magazines and anti-ISA badges, and distribution of yellow and purple ribbons as a sign of the anti-ISA spirit.

In order to further deepen the awareness amongst the parishoners, Assistant Parish Priest Fr Fabian Dicom deliberately put up his reflection into the first column of the weekly bulletin, titled "A Matter Of Conscience". I will not post the reflection here because you can find it in 5xmom's blog.

While some of us are pro human rights activism, we also found out that there are some who called themselves Christians are against the anti-ISA movement. There are anonymous feedbacks (actually, it is not that anonymous, if we really trace who received those feedbacks first-hand) that:

1. Comments that politics and religion should not be intermingled.
2. The parish priests are just too much, causing chaos more than peace.
3. Certain parishoners group together to pray so that the priests could stop the campaign.

Well, to the anti anti-ISA people, a few points that I want to elaborate here so that you can re-consider your stand. By the end of day I really hope that you could proudly proclaim with your heart that "you are a Christian".

Number 1. I am going to echo what has already been shared by two of my friends in church - with more elaboration, of course. Imagine this hypothetical dialogue:

A: I strongly disagree that Fr Fabian went that far, and now mingle into politics. Politics and religion CAN NEVER be mixed like rojak!
B: Tell me, what if one of your family members are caught by ISA?
A: Aiya, that can never happen la... we never talk politics, sure we won't kena, why bother?
B: Are you sure?
A: What do you mean?
B: Tan Hoon Cheng was doing her job, reporting the truth. Like that she also kena caught. Are you sure you will never kena?
A: Haiya... who ask Tan Hoon Cheng to become a reporter?
B: So, A, that means you despise Tan who speaks the truth la... and you don't want to tell the truth la, so that you won't have any shxt on yourself la, am I right?
A: ...

Well, I guess we all know that this conversation will lead to two Gospel passages. One is the infamous dialogue about the denial of Jesus by Peter (Matt 26:69-75, Mark 14:66-72, Luke 22:54-62, John 18:25-27), while the other is about Jesus denying in front of the Father those who deny Him (Matt 10:32-33). Well, you might think that denying Jesus is an accusation to those who talks like A. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life" (John 14:6). If a person calls himself a Christian, but doesn't want to talk about the truth, isn't he denying Jesus?

Number 2. We all should be aware of the current ISA detainees who are now suffering in Kamunting just because they speak the truth. And they were agonizing in pain just because they have the guts to fight for justice and fairness. Justice and fairness that we are still enjoying at the moment. You can read about one small part of their agony here (feasting on barbecued snake and birds).

If we say that the church should only focus on Christian rituals and rites, then we have missed three points. First, Jesus came to give us life to the fullest (John 10:10b), and to declare a 'year' of jubilation in the person of Himself (Luke 4:18-19) - NOT to bind us with rites and rituals! Second, who are we to tell others "padan muka" when we do not have the guts to speak for our own freedom? Third, WHERE is our sympathy? Where is the charity? Where is the brotherly love that we Christians are called to manifest? Are we going to be the Jewish rabbi that ignored the injured or the marginalized, or be a much hated yet good Samaritan that lends a helping hand from the bottom of his heart?

Our church calls us to put our faith in action. A faith based on the Truth which is Jesus Christ, our Lord. Many times, Jesus calls us not only to have faith, but to do His work according to our faith in Him. If we are to play safe and avoid doing things that might harm our comfort zone, whatever comfort we have could be taken away from us. Remember the one talent that the servant buried (Matt 25:24-30)? Being afraid is NOT an option. Jesus is also called the Lion of Judah. If we have faith that the Lion will save us, why are we afraid?

The least that we can do is to pray for justice and hence the abolishment of ISA. And, the least of the least that we can do is to pray for the same intention at home. Only God knows and listens. The "special guests" (who are special guests? read here) do not even know! So, why complain while you still can do it comfortably?

Number 3. If we pray for the priests to stop the campaign, we would be telling God, "God, please stop Your holy men from speaking about Your Son Who is the Truth!" Do you think God would answer such prayer? If you do, then you seriously do NOT know God.

One point that we ought to remember. 2000 years ago, Jesus could have just said in the Garden of Gethsemane, "Father, I don't feel like it. Dying for the people... uh uh, I don't think so!" He did otherwise. He did complain (by requesting the chalice to be taken away from Him), but he obeyed the Father ("Thy will be done"). Are we going to respond by telling the priests, "Praying for abolishment of ISA... uh uh, I don't think so"? Or, are we obedient enough to echo, "Fiat" - "be it done according to Thy will"? Are we willing to fight for the life and freedom that Jesus freely gave us through the shedding of His Blood?


1. I categorize this post as Amen (it means Christian Faith lar...) and Rakyat, and not Politics. This is simply because the anti-ISA campaign is a campaign to fight for human rights amongst the rakyat.

2. I think the following event needs some publicity, so that we know how crafty those "special guests" could be. During the Gospel Reading on the Mass for peace and justice, there were people who came late for the Mass, and wanted to go into the church to catch what the priest has to say during the Homily. The "special guests" told them off, saying that "there is nothing happening", and shooed them and told them to go home. I'm very sorry to the "special guests", but the message would still go through.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

College General Bicentennial Celebration

About two weeks ago, on October 2, 2008, College General (the Catholic Major Seminary in Penang) celebrated its 200 years of anniversary. In order to give our thanksgiving to God for having blessed us with a faith formation center as well as a 'training ground' for thousands of holy people, a Mass was celebrated on October 2, 2008.

During the Bicentennial Mass, there were 6 archbishops, 7 bishops, about 100 priests, and 800 attendees present. I did not actually count the people; all figures were reported by media. ;-)

I am glad that I got to serve as a small instrument within the choir team. Although I did not actually see the whole scene (I was sitting at the 3rd row from the stage), I learnt from friends that the Mass was majestic. The entrance procession of the holy men (archbishops, bishops, and priests) were awesome! I really, really thank God for giving us all the opportunity to give the bit of ourselves to make the celebration a successful one.

The altar, with archbishops and bishopsThe priests and congregation

Fellow bloggers' blog posts on the event:
5Xmom [1]
Andrew4JC [1][2][3]

At the position I was sitting throughout the Mass, I was at one of the best location to take photos of the altar and the bishops on stage. The following are some of the pictures I captured.

LCD screen for slideshow / video
The choir and musicians (From CG website)
The string triplet, plus the guitaristThe poser drummer :-)
Choir lazing around before MassMe with Brs Greg and Kevin
Male choir posingFemale choir posing
Caught Gino and Ian :-OMe with Ian and Gino
CrucifixTable of (un-consecrated) Host

The Mass
The Mass began (Altar with many bishops and archbishops)The commentator
Main Celebrant Rt Rev Antony SelvanayagamLector for 1st Reading
Lector for 2nd Reading
Gospel ReadingThe HomilyEucharistic Prayer
"This is My Body...""This is My Blood..."
"Through Him, with Him, in Him...""This is the Lamb of God..."

The Speeches
Most Rev Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio (Apostolic Delegate)YB Sdr Chow Kon Yeow (representing Penang Chief Minister YB Sdr Lim Guan Eng)Rev Fr Edwin Paul (Rector of College General)

Some additional pictures taken the evening before the Mass, which is during the rehearsal.

College General Hall launching plaqueThe Stage as the altar
Statue of Vietnamese martyrs (Saints)CG Martyr memorial plaque
Scenic view of Tg Bungah from CGPortrait of Priesthood
Stage/Altar decorStage/Altar decor
Br Kevin with his handycamEmilio the guitaristGlenn the photographer
Andre the organistAaron the drummer... erm, drummer missing
Andrew the violistBrs Kevin and Greg the psalmist