Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shameless Ng

Today, another fresh news from MalaysiaKini stated that Women, Family and Community Development Minister Dr Ng Yen Yen openly handed out envelopes containing RM200 to 156 Chinese elderly at a function in Permatang Pauh. In addition, Ng called on those present to support the BN as she emphasised that the ruling coalition was a government which took care of everyone.

As reported in MalaysiaKini, she denied the money she gave was a form of bribery, and she stressed that neither was it a form of election goodies. She said the money was given out by the National Welfare Foundation, a government-linked non-profit organisation she heads. According to her, it was a mere coincident that the financial aid came in at the sensitive time of the by-election. She added that it was an annual activity organised by the foundation.

When I read the news, I thought right away: Wah, she really did that ah? Nope, I have not puked anything yet, although I just had a heavy dinner.

Annual activity? It is indeed a low-profile annual activity indeed. Other than the over-publicized annual activity that happened to happen today, I have not heard of the foundation doing any charity work. Never have I heard of the foundation giving out money to the elderly.

Having said that, if the money is for welfare purpose, it should be done in sincerety. Means, you give and never ask anything in return. Anyway, it's not for this particular case - so much insincerety as perceived from MalaysiaKini's report.

Now the questions: What the heck was she doing when she talked about supporting BN? What is government taking care of everyone gotta do with the donation receipients' rights to choose their wakil rakyat? Why was the money from a welfare foundation given unwillingly? Why do you tell the receipients to support BN if the money is given for welfare? Why bother asking the receipients do this and that - why do the receipients need to fill up forms, photocopy their IC, and give their thumbprints? What kind of form is that? The rakyat want to know! And, do you ever request signature from a person receiving donation from you? Rubbish!!

Coincidence? I also want that kind of coincidence, especially on money matters, or else I would not be painstakingly blogging!! Really... you think we Malaysians are stupid ah? How can she expect everyone to be stupid?

I really can't believe it! She dares to do that - what a shameless act!!

Enough said. My breath is not smooth now (我好唔顺气). I just want to ask Ng Yen Yen one more question... Do you know how to write "shame" in Chinese characters (知道<丑>字怎样写吗)?

My number six (topping up the earlier five). UEKKKKKKK!!!


Anonymous said...

I was at the PR ceramah and they told the crowds, "Mereka bagi duit, ambil, jangan tak ambil. Tapi pangkah Keadilan." Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I was there last night, at Kg. Padang Ibu, Penanti. The venue was overflowing with people. I was lucky however, I got to greet DSAI and wished him all the best in his campaign.

Even after a very long day for DSAI, he was still very much in his element.

Definitely, this is the moment, it is history in the making.

Merdeka !!!