Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Day Of Ups And Downs

Saturday, March 29, 2009

It had been a series of low-stamina-high-fatigue for me. I have had an average of 5 hours sleep every night for 2 weeks, and Saturday became one of my moodiest day. Well, moodiest in terms of mood swing, from euphoric to dejected.

I went out for a bread-and-half-boiled-egg breakfast with BK at 8:45am in the morning. Nothing much other than fellowshiping with BK and filling my stomach. Knowing that I need to get back to the office to get some stuff done and to collect something, I went back home and get prepared to head to office. However, looking at the bright sunlight, I changed my mind to have my laundry settled first, hence delaying my trip back to office. While waiting for my washing to complete, I dozed off, and by the time I woke up, it is already half past 11! Darn, I'll be late!

So, in a rushing mood, I hung my laundry, and quickly drove off to office. By the time I settled everything, it was already 1pm. And, as I promised earlier, I went from Bayan Lepas to Farlim to fetch a friend, and rushed to church for the Shalom Psalmistry Musicians meeting at 2pm. I hit right into the jam at Green Lane and Batu Lanchang Highway, delaying my trip by 15 minutes. Duh!

Due to the Psalmistry meeting, I had to skip the Junior Youth meeting (sorry guys!). I was nevertheless enthusiastic to learn to play a new song (Your Grace Is Enough) with other musicians. I was doing well when I started playing on the church's Clavinova. However, soon enough I realized that I was actually banging my fingers so hard until I eventually felt a slight cramp on my left wrist. And, as a result, all my timings went haywire (I was bad at timing, but the wrist-fatigue made it worse)! I was a bit frustrated and also disappointed at myself for causing so much mistake and at the same time screwing up other musicians' practice session. Sigh...

Then, I had to leave the session early (4:15pm) in order to prepare for the Form 2 Catechism in the classroom where they have the JY meeting. By the time I reached there, they were cleaning up stuff, and I found my usual space to setup the projector and laptop.

In the next classroom, all the Form 1 through 3 students were gathered for a short Praise session led by Pedro. When I eventually get my setup ready and joined them in the Praise session, what made me appalled was when some of the girls within my vicinity were oblivious of what's going on (c'mon, it has been 4 times we had such Praise session). While the guys on the other side of the room were jumping and praising God, those girls were doing nothing. So, I tried to lead them by jumping and yelling at them "Let us praise our Almighty God!!!". Guess what... still no response! I was like - praising God and screaming at their indifference at the same time! What a rojak feeling I had.

The Catechism went well. As usual, I liked Andre's session of having one or some of the students involved in the story telling (this time, is the story of God calling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac - Genesis 22).

Sacrifice of Bryan (Isaac)
Andre as Abraham. Bryan as Isaac. Hahaha!!

And then, after the class, I was like super tired, thinking of just drop on the floor and doze off. Anyways, I got to get something to be printed in the church office. Thus, after loitering around in the classroom, I went to the office. There, I told Andre that I felt bad during the practice, and Andre simply just said, "You are just not used to it yet." I don't know why, but it was so much consoling, and of course, at much peace. So much peace that I was not really feeling angry when I was told of a mis-behavior of one of the youth.

And, soon enough, it was 8pm. Andre, Boris, Kevin, and I rushed to Sing Kah Poh for a quick dinner, so that Andre and I would be back to church for Shalom Psalmistry official meeting at 8:30pm. Well, at 8:30pm we were still in Sing Kah Poh, because we were watching live telecast of the Earth Hour event in KL. 8:30pm - all lights off! That was on the TV screen. The restaurant was still filled with light! Anyway, I understood - they need to continue their business what...

The church was almost dark, except for a few flourescent lights still being switched on. As for our Psalmistry meeting, we were having a short worship session with candlelight - with 6 pieces of white tiles arranged to the shape of a cross, with candles lit on them. Beautiful.

Candlelight Worship
Christ be our Light, amid the darkness lurking around during Earth Hour. :-)

Later that night, I went to participate the Keep Hope Alive Street Walk, where we are supposed to give the homeless food and drinks. We were briefed by Fr Fabian not to judge at a person's outlook or physique in order to justify whether we should give or not. So, we went out and reached Prangin Mall at 11:30pm. Although it was raining a bit, it was okay, considering the rain was nothing to me compared to the suffering of the homeless.

While I was serving the street-bound loiterers, something struck me - the words of Fr Fabian. I truly understood what it means by "judge not".

1. Not all homeless wanted food. Catherine shared to me, that, instead of having the food, they were also considerate to look at the needs of others who did really need the food.

2. Trishaw riders are homeless. Most of the time, I tend to overlook them, until that night. Rather, I never thought that they were I would see trishaw riders in a different way now, not as a nuisance of someone blocking my way while driving, but someone who's striving for two meals (and not even a place to stay).

3. They are honest people. When they already have food given to them, they would refuse additional food instead of having us give them more. There was also one old lady who at first refused additional food, but when I asked her if she wants more, she nodded. She only accepted when I was willing to offer. That was touching!

4. They are also like us, craving for junk food. Most of the time, the people who received a pack of rice, a bottle of water, and a packet of junk food, will first rip open the packet of junk food first. That is quite funny yet poignant.

Such an experience had indeed uplifted my mood for the day. After all, whatever I experienced throughout the day was nothing compared to those who strive so hard and yet ending their day on the streets.

While I was participating in the street walk, the rest who went for Psalmistry meeting and did not participate in the walk were already having supper in McDonald's Green Lane. When I was done with the street walk, it was already 1:30am. So, after reaching McDonald's to join the Psalmistry gang (who was already done with their food), I went to order one burger. As I sat down, the gang pretended that they were leaving the place. Although I was slightly shocked, I didn't bother much, partially because I was slightly aware of their tricks, and partially because I was too famished and struck with emotional ups and downs to respond. So I just said, "Don't be like that la...".

No offense - I did enjoy my day. Rather, I decided to enjoy my day!

P.S. I have effectively taken only 2 photos amongst all that happened in a day. Too bad, no mood to take. Also, it is not nice to take pictures during the street walk. We are instead supposed to help.


dannyboy said...

your grace is enough? over here its like a hit song ni.... is it by this matt mayer or maher or watever his name is? lol....
why la so moody? reminds me of myself in campus on a lousy day only... =p

David Chan said...

Matt Maher. We learnt the song and used it as praise song during Shalom meeting yesterday. :-)

Nothing actually happened. It is just that the situation I was facing went upside down... :-P

dannyboy said...

oh i see... the ppl here in KK like very happening with this song ni...