Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hilarious Comment for the Dentist

I was reading a Malaysiakini news titled "Khir blames Pakatan for his defeat". The best comment I could give Khir Toyo is "sour grape". A blame game that is NOT. A forced connection (牵强) that ends up causing himself a laughing stock throughout the world. Indeed a case of sour grape that becomes hilarious.

Today, I happened to browse through Malaysiakini's Vox Populi page, and I truly ROTFLMHO! This is how Mooshie Mooshie put:

"So, now Mohd Khir Toyo is blaming Pakatan for his losing his Umno election?

As the Chinese saying goes 'When one cannot pass motion, one blames the ground that is too hard'.

On Khir's complaint that the Pakatan governments are blacklisting BN contractors, he should not complain because during his time he also blacklisted contractors in favour of his cronnies.

So, what's new?"


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

why not blame his big bad wolf tour to blow him away.