Friday, April 3, 2009

Sick of McD?

About two months ago, McDonald's Malaysia launched McValue Lunch™, where all the McValue Meal sets will be priced at RM5.95++ per set, everyday, between 12noon to 3pm. When I first heard of it, I was like - WOW! For lunch, I could now pay RM5.95++ (comes up to RM6.25 la) Double Cheeseburger set rather than pay RM9.45++ (that's RM9.90). After much thought, I started to recall my college era, where Big Mac McValue Medium set used to cost only RM6.20++ (that's RM6.51 - that time 1 sen still counts). Hmm... a case of economic inflation. For lunch, it's deflation! :-D

Anyway, after about a week after it was first launched, I went out with my colleagues for lunch at McD. We arrived at McD Sunshine at 11:55am. So, we went to the counter, and the cashier told me this, "Lima minit lagi." Cool! She allowed us to wait by the counter, since we were the first customers there. And, later on, as we were waiting, people started rolling in. At noon sharp, we placed our first order of McValues, and that time the restaurant was full! It was so crowded - thank God we were early!

Today, I went to Tesco to buy some stuff. After failing to buy what I want, I decided to have McValue Lunch inside Tesco building. I reached the NcD outlet, and, guess what - almost like no customers! I thought the offer was over, but then, I noticed that the McValue Lunch offer was still posted up! Well...

Dah dua bulan makan kat McD tiap-tiap hari, mestilah jelak!


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