Friday, April 17, 2009

'Au Revoir': To our Super Admin

Today is our Super Admin's last day of working in al-Terror. Super Admin - yes, indeed - as she is the Administrative Assistant to our Penang big boss. She used to handle all the company-wide administrative works. Her name is Liza.

Liza and I
Liza and I, taken in Altera ICE room

My first impression of her was that, she's quite a fierce- and strict-looking lady. I thought, of course ler. Working under Chris (Vice President and Managing Director of Penang Research Facility) would not be easy; must show superiority one. Indeed yes, she is the second employee of Altera Penang, after Chris. What freaked me more was that I heard she had reprimanded some department admins until they cried.

However, when I got the opportunity to travel to San Jose, I dealt with her more often, mostly related to the trip procedures. From Visa application, to flight booking, and even to credit card limit boost, I relied very much on her. After dealing with her, I found that she's a nice and friendly person to talk with - not forgetting being very helpful as well. I still remembered that she taught me to sneak out (of course in a legal way) to Hong Kong during my flight transit from Kuala Lumpur to San Francisco! I heard that it was possible, but I did not expect her to actually encourage me to do so! If she were really strict, she would have barked at my idea first before doing anything else.

I still remembered that, somehow, one personal comment from her struck me. When I decided to have a more committed life towards Christ, particularly in Shalom Youth, she asked me if I were to become a missionary. Well, to answer her question, that was not quite true - but from what happened towards my private life 2 years ago, it brought some resemblance. Could that be a prophecy, or could there be someone else gossiping... Ahh, never mind.

She is indeed a very capable admin. As her boss our MD said: she was a one-lady band wearing many different hats... [having] nurtured our young organization as we took our first small baby steps.

I'm gonna miss Liza, and I'm sure loads of terrorists in the al-Terror compound would miss her too. I am only in Altera for 8 years, and she's been here for almost 15 years. I am sure she has left tons of memorable footprints within Altera Penang. I don't know what else to say already.

All the best, Liza.
May God bless you in everything you do and every way you go.
Till we meet again.
Au revoir.

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WaiCheng said...

I cried just now after Liza came to give me a goodbye hug. It's been an emotional day ....