Monday, April 13, 2009

BLR Avalanche - Aftermath

Following my previous blogpost: BLR Avalanche, I realized that the financial institution (the one that belonged to the tycoon with the same first name as one of our famous badminton player in the 90s) is not that stupid after all. In order to re-extend my loan term back to 30 years, they reduced my monthly payment amount to RM592. After the readjustment, the graph looks like below. Which means, I still have to pay for 30 years.

Housing Loan Readjustment

DUH!!! On one hand they want us to spend so as to boost the economy, and hence lower down all interest rates (FD, BLR, etc...). On the other hand they reduce our spending by reducing the monthly payment amount. Please la... MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!

Tsk! Screw it! I'm gonna make more partial payments. Hahaha!!!

On a positive note, I can save up additional RM102 per month for other 'investment'!

P.S. In case you all are still guessing which bank I borrowed money from, know that the smasher is called Rashid Sidek. :-P

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