Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trinity Sunday

DISCLAIMER: I am no theologist. This is not a professional theological article. The contents are mainly my personal opinions. Nevertheless, readers are welcomed to comment on their views, as well as suggest corrections on my article which might be erroneous in some way.

Today is the Solemnity of Trinity Sunday (Sunday after Pentecost). The main theme is, of course, the celebration of the holy mystery of the one God in three Persons - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

The term Trinity is so called as a mystery - indeed yes. To a lay person, how to explain one God appearing in three Persons? How can our God be the Heavenly Father, God be the Jesus Christ, and God be in the Holy Ghost? During Mass, I was reminded of my own explanation on the differentiation of the three Persons to a friend. I said:

God is like a factory that make cups. We human are the cups. And so, God the Father creates and manufactures the cups - hence creates us. When the cups are being used, sometimes the cups suffered cracks on the side, or maybe, smashed. Jesus as the Son comes and mends the cracks and glued the smashed pieces together - that is how Jesus bore our sins and sufferings to Himself. And finally, a cup without water means it was not used. So, Holy Spirit comes and fill the cups with water - rather, re-filling the cups continuously. That is how the Holy Spirit comes into our lives as the Breath of God, and gives us life.

Well, the above explanation is nothing compared with the professional theological teaching of the holy mystery. However, I myself felt more convinced through my explanation - that I acknowledge God the Father as the Master of Creation, Author of Life and Salvation, and our Daddy, Abba, Father; that Jesus came and died for us, the Lamb who takes away my sins and the sins of the world, the Lamb who bore our transgressions so that we would be healed; that Holy Spirit gives us life and be the Paraclete Who walk alongside with us as our comforter, reminder, and strength.

I was also reminded of an argument that broke up in one Internet forum. A skeptic requested for an explanation of the Trinity, whether it meant 33% Father + 33% Son + 33% Holy Spirit = 100% God Almighty. I was impressed with the response to this question. The guy who responded replied NO. It should be 100% Father + 100% Son + 100% Holy Spirit = 100% God Almighty. This is very true. When we refer to God the Father, He is all-powerful, and not only having 33% power. Same goes to God the Son and God the Holy Spirt - They are all-powerful as well.

Anyway, we humans can and should never use our logical mind to understand God using Mathematics. After all, God created Science and Mathematics. Who are we, God's creation, use back God's creation to understand the mystery of God the Trinity? And, like what Fr. Fab said during today's Homily, it is a mystery that could never be solved by Mac Taylor or Horatio. Indeed, it takes a leap of faith to accept the mystery.

So, this is merely my sharing lah... :-)

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Ian Ling said...

It's a good sharing that Father in Heaven, son, and Holy Spirit is 100% all powerful as well as all important. I must admit with my lack of knowledge and understanding, I had been taking only Jesus seriously while neglating the Father and the Holy Spirit. And now trying to know about the Holy Spirit and not yet the Father. I think there is much more to know and I need to find out than being a blind catholic:D