Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pentecost Eve

Pentecost Eve Mass
May 10, 2008

It was supposed to be fully animated by CHS youths, but due to the insufficient time for the youths to prepare for cantor and musicians, A's cantor team took over the music part.

The Mass was great! The spirit of the youths were really amazing! And most importantly, the manifested presence of the Holy Spirit was indeed very strong. I did not feel it physically (some said they got the 'bzzt bzzt' feeling), but I did feel His enveloping love and peace during Mass.

The priest incensing the altar

The Offertory consists of our offering, and bread and wine. Being a Feast Day and youth-animated Mass, there are additional offerings...

a souvenir (a cross with doves on the arms) from the children, made during the Children's Lithurgy,

6 love balloons (representing our 6 petitions during Prayer of the Faithful),

6 birds (representing man/us - 6 being number of man/imperfection),

and a pigeon (representing God, making up 7 - number of perfection).

When the birds and pigeon was about to be released from the cage (outside the church building, of course), I felt a sudden wave of God's love. It was as if God took our imperfection and made it perfect, so that we were made whole once again. A feeling of being accepted by God. I was on the verge of weeping, but since I was on duty, I controlled myself.

For Thanksgiving Hymn, we sang the 2008 World Youth Day Sydney Theme Song "Receive The Power". A dance was presented that time, by a group of 10 teenage girls and two guys. The girls made up the entire of the dance sequence, while the two guys - G animated two reddish-yellowish flag representing the Fire of the Holy Spirit, and Han brought in a candle (representing the Light that was to shine unto the world through the girl dancers) into the center of the church. At the end of the dance, the girls lit their small candles and presented to the congregation. That was meaningful! Kudos to Corn for choreographing the dance. Moreover, it was the Glory and Power of God that empowered them to dance for God!

The video for the dance during Thanksgiving Hymn. Thanks to Corn and X Man...

And the pictures of the dancers in action and group photo for dancers, thanks to 5xmom!

As we sang the Final Hymn "Great Awakening", I really felt like stretching my hands up to worship God, though I was on duty. No lah... I was not doing it, lest I caught attention - attention should always be on God.

Well, the Fire was indeed Godsent!

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