Sunday, May 4, 2008

Touched By The Holy Spirit

In the course of our preparation for the Feast of Pentecost, God has prepared ourselves for His anointing through the Holy Spirit during our weekly Friday SWYF meeting (I will provide a complete account later). A mentioned one thing - for the coming days towards Pentecost, we will be made sensitive and full of compassion by the Holy Spirit through His manifested presence, touch, and anointing, so much that we will weep for no obvious reason.

It is so true. As I was listening to You Are God Alone (Not A God), I was suddenly reminded of one point where I brought up a discussion with A, about a book talking about the loving God. A pointed out a good point: God does not need to love; God WANTS to love. At that point of reminiscence, I suddenly felt God's loving touch, and I was thinking of God's wanting to love me as His child. Indeed, God does not need to love me, but still, God wants to love me. Rather, God does not need my love, God wants my love. Wanting so much that He bore the sufferings 2000 years ago. So, I wept.

Also, there is a moment when I suddenly felt compassionate over the lyrics of a Chinese song (JJ's 会有那么一天) while singing it during Karaoke. So touched was I that I shed tears in front of my colleagues. So pai seh...

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