Sunday, May 25, 2008

May Twenty-Second - Part 2

KDU Penang was organizing a charity buffet dinner called Symphony Of Love. Its purpose – a fund-raising project for St Joseph’s Orphanage, Penang Road, and as a practical exposure to the students of the Catering and Hotel Management course (Pat, I know this is not correct, please do correct me in your comments.). Pat was one of the organizing committee members. So, must go there and support la… :-)

The food that they prepared was superb!

I had the pasta…
Spaghetti bolognaise – my number one item of the night
(According to B, the cook was one of the lecturers, which explained of the great taste.)

The Char Kuey Teow (fried fettucini-like noodles)…
(The bean-sprout was not well-done… that’s the bit of my comments)

Cream of mushroom… – my number two item of the night
(Definitely not from Campbell’s which are whitish… the cream that they serve was freshly made and authentic, as they were greyish in color)

[ Forgot to take photo of the following ]

Bain Marie…
With nasi minyak, curry chicken, fried chicken, fish, Japanese beancurd, and mixed vegetables
(I love the fried chicken the most – my number three item of the night)

Tartlets and Swiss rolls
(Not bad)

I missed out the puddings… well, I was too full then.

They had games as well. First was the folding of newspaper into half, and have two persons standing on it, and then further folding it into half and so on. The second game was when D got trapped and forced to play. It was a game of guessing of movie names and characters just by acting it out. So, D got this: “Neo of The Matrix”.

And so, he pointed at himself, and then he did the infamous bullet-dodging-in-slow-motion scene

and the one-hand-stopping-all-bullets scene.

Haha… I thought at a moment that D would do the Trinity-froze-mid-air-in-180-degrees-camera-angle scene!

D received another birthday present - a gift for the correct guess. Of course la, who does not know the Wachowskis' trademark action? Hahaha!!!

There were also several rounds of lucky draws. B got a complimentary lunch for two in Sarkies Corner, E&O Hotel!! That is cool!

B and Pat, hope you’d enjoy the meal this weekend!

Well, it was indeed a great evening! D, on his birthday, got to meet B’s girlfriend at last. We occasionally joked of D’s mole in front of Pat. Haha…


shitakaru-pat said...

Hey...very happening days you've been having eh? :)

Actually you got it quite right...just that my school name is the School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts. Hehe!

Yeah, I liked the spaghettti too, although I had it past 10.30pm...

Most of the food you mentioned was gone by the time I actually could have my dinner. Even the soup. :(

Thanks again for coming to support us! XD

dannyboy said...

sigh.... if i did the trinity-freeze-in mid-air-pose... then it's out of my topic d mah...