Friday, May 9, 2008

I Learnt That...

1. Murder is a violation of The Ten Commandments, hence a mortal sin. [Exodus 20:13]

2. We should not judge other people's small mistakes until we solve our own big mistakes. [Matthew 7:1-5]

3. Sin against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable. And, it is unacceptable to tell an open lie to God. [Matthew 12:31-32, Acts 5:1-10]

4. One should acknowledge his/her power because of his/her own capabilities and achievement, and not because he/she is related to a powerful person.

5. Chili eaters should know how to endure spiciness.

6. Always apologize to the person you wronged.

7. We should imitate Zaccheus, the tax collector who, due to his repentence, sincerely sought forgiveness from Jesus and initiated is reparation by repaying double-fold the amount he cheated. [Luke 19:2-10]

8. Christianity does NOT own Latin. That is why pagan gods can be collectively called as deities. [ Dei is a Latin word for God ]

9. Diaries should be remained as diaries.

10. Priorities should be ranked by what's most important as first, not as last. One should never fight shy of Priority 1 issues.

11. God sees all humans as equal. He does not give His love based on skin-color, race, gender, age, nor physical ability. Thus, all humans should deserve equal and fair treatment.

12. Moses was attacked by his own siblings. He did not have to defend himself. God defended him.

13. If you represent somebody, you are accountable to him/her, because he/she has placed his/her trust on you. Do not betray his/her trust by telling lies to him/her.

14. We are naturally born without telepathic ability. Thus, do not think and act on behalf of the people you represent without asking what they actually want.

15. Never talk or ask nonsense to seek the limelight. Instead, talk substance and ask constructive questions.

16. Spoon-fed children will never learn to eat by themselves. And, those who love spoon-feeding are far less competitive than those who eat by themselves.

** NEW**

17. A person who knows the facts through and through does not need the facts written down on papers to guide himself. The information should be written in his own mind.

18. Vandalism is a crime. Vandalism that "involved unknown persons" is obviously a crime.

[ Learning is a continuous process until we breath our last. The list will go on in the future. Keep watching! ]

I learnt the above for very long time, but it was suddenly brought to my awareness over the past three months. Alas, I also happen to be aware that some Young But Mad People with Big Names did not learn the above. Why? Self-deception. Self-glorification. Self-exaltation. As a summary: self-centered. So blinded are they from self-focus that they are ignorant to anything around them.


Gnu said...

er, if I am not wrong, this is a good blend of politics and life with religion:) Hehe...very chim le...

Gnap said...

haha.. the evolution and synergy of Blindfolded. :P

Lawl said...

Hi David.I'm new to your blog. Thanks very much for linking to mine. Very happy that I have another blog to read!! I will link yours but remind you mine doesnt get much traffic.
will go thru yours later (at office now)