Sunday, May 25, 2008

May Twenty-Second - Part 0

Why part zero? It is because it happened before part one la… hahaha… It was actually May 21, but that evening, D, B and I went out to have a pre-birthday celebration with D (which was on May 22).

We went for a dinner at D’s recommended zhu-cha restaurant opposite Tapak Pesta Sg Nibong. The food is good and at a reasonable price. I love the Marmite Chicken the most, a dish highly recommended by D [see left]. That dish was big!! We nearly couldn’t finish it.

Other dishes include curry fillet fish, hot plate beancurd, and fried belacan kangkung (马来风光).

Next, we thought of having a mug of beer either at Frenz or Bailey’s. The former was packed, and the latter was a bit dark, I felt, so I suggested off both places. Instead, we went to Infinity Cyber Café at Sg Dua for a game of Counter-Strike. B and I actually wanna kill time, so that when midnight come, we’ll wish D birthday.

So, at 5 to midnight, we left the cyber café, and at that time we passed him a prank gift. He ripped it open, and there was a yellow star, stating “Shine Like A Star. Daniel 12:3”. We reminded him of his mole represented by the bright star. Hehehe… He was very happy with that prank present from pod… He rugi teruk la…

It was 5 past midnight when we reached D’s apartment. At that time, we faked that we were giving a nasty big gift – a cake on his face. So, we smashed on his face… a birthday card!! Messages from G, Ling, B and myself were on it. Btw, the “bird-day” was on the card.

Finally, the actual present from the pod was given. Hillsong Live – Mighty To Save – Music Book CD-ROM. With this, D could team up with his musicians and jam all the way. :-)

A message for D:
You are no longer a teen, not yet an adult!
Happy Birthday, buddy! And, wish you a double-happiness!!
Double? You know what I mean!!!

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