Saturday, May 24, 2008

Anointing in Shalom

DISCLAIMER: This article describes my own experience, involving encounters which are spiritual and faith-building for me. Something which is very common amongst Charismatic Renewal community.

April 18, 2008
A physical healing night

For the past 1 month, I had neck pain caused by improper sleeping position. The pain got worsened and caused my left shoulder to be slightly numb. Recalling a year ago when I was prayed over on the same neck-pain problem and got healed one day later, I asked God to heal me. I rested, and got up. And you know what, the numbness was gone! I was healed instantly!!

April 25, 2008
Fire-anointing night

A few of us felt the joy of being in the presence of the Lord that we laughed while resting in the spirit. During that time, I heard a buzzing sound – sound of an un-modulated noisy radio frequency. I felt that God had been talking to me, and I was finding a hard time trying to tune in.

May 2, 2008
Another fire-anointing night

The manifested presence of the Holy Spirit was very strong. Moreover, the Holy Spirit first appeared to me as a Person and not imaginary fire/dove. A asked us to stretch out our right hand, a gesture to introduce ourselves to the Holy Spirit. Indeed, I felt my right hand was pressed by an envelope of warm air, as if two hands were grabbing my outstretched hand. I rested right after the experience, face down to the ‘unmatted’ floor. I did not weep, but I has a manifestation – I felt needing to let out groans and to stretch my body.

According to A, that might be a lion-anointing. Btw, during that time of manifestation I understood why R prayed over me to calm me down. There were a lot of first-time attendees that night, and we definitely didn’t want them to feel as if people were possessed or hexed – that’s not God’s way for sure. I know I wasn’t possessed or whatever, because I was aware of what happened around me – and I just wanted to glorify God with my body that time. However, if what I or other regulars did caused others to shun away from God, that is NOT good!

May 9, 2008
The night before Pentecost Eve
Night of the Holy Spirit in Person

A introduced a seat in front of the place where the worship leader stood. The seat was called the Holy Spirit Seat as that night A sensed that the Holy Spirit would have His manifested presence by sitting on the seat. Then, during worship, A asked us to approach the seat one-by-one and introduce ourselves to Him, simply by saying, “Hi Holy Spirit, I am so-and-so…”

As I approached the seat, I could feel Him bending over to me and enveloping me once again (I knelt quite a distance away from Him actually). I felt peaceful and calm. I was also assured of God’s love no matter how broken I am.

These 4 weeks, together with the experience from LSS, had been a great experience for me. Indeed I became more faithful – moreover, the experiences made me feel wanting to love Him more. Praise God!!!

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