Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's Not Over Yet

Yes, Teresa Kok was already released since yesterday afternoon. All cases against her was dropped. Our prayers for Teresa are answered. Yet, it is not over.

Other than a Mass for peace and justice, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit will also be launching a prayer campaign, calling for continuous prayer for peace and justice in our beloved Bolehland. Or rather, an anti-ISA campaign. I was in church this morning (actually I am still in church now :-P), and took some photos on the banner being hung and setting up of the candle place.

Banner being hung and balanced. 4 youths were helping that time. With due request, I did not put the pictures with 4 heads sticking out. :-P

Another landscape banner beside the Holy Spirit Hall

Job done!

A 'cupboard' for placing candles from the faithful

[ Updated 8pm ]

Faith in action - Parishoners began flocking around the candle place, lighting candles and storming Heaven with a common prayer and petition

Assistant parish priest Fr Henry Rajoo seen in action

Beautifully lit. More importantly, many prayers were offered up.

I hope the cupboard would not be incinerated! Well, it could be, considering God did send fire and accept Elijah's offering 2500 years ago.

Something to tell the gomen that "WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!"


Gnu said...

stupid Side Hump-It say ISA will stay...
too much politics for me these days...CM says i should cool down...cheers

David Chan said...

Simple... Shxt What Not (Sai Hamik) never listen. He never and will never learn to listen. In any case, if he and his comrades lose power, the ISA will go. Pray that it will happen soon.

Ian Ling said...

what is ISA?

David Chan said...

Internal Security Act

Gnu said...

anwar's tyre punctured half way?