Monday, October 27, 2008

Arsenal vs West Ham Utd

Nope. I am not a hardcore Arsenal fan, nor West Ham fan. I am NOT even a hardcore football fan! But I find this hilarious.

I was watching two friends watching the match. One is an Arsenal fan, and the other anti-Arsenal.

The Arsenal fan went like this:

And, the anti-Arsenal:

Arsenal 2 - West Ham Utd 0

P.S. I know the TV screen kinda betrays me. Just for the fun of it la... :-D


Wilson said...

the anti-Arsenal fan seems happy ler... =P

David Chan said...

Ehehehe... not a good actor eh... :-D

Anonymous said...

whose the arsenal fan?
looks like from saints...
yeah man!!! Gunners!!!

David Chan said...

Yeah, Martian he is... :-P
You'll get to know him when you're back!

Anonymous said...

erm.. me not hardcore soccer fan either.. but when i suppot my germany team every 2yrs, I'm like jumping on the sofa or punching the walls... :D