Wednesday, October 1, 2008


September 22, 2008 marked the end of my 20's. Yes, it was my 30th birthday! And, having to put the first step into the 30's made me think of a lot of things. The thing that I thought most was the time that I have wasted for 30 years of my life - like spending 7 years of my life with the same job in the same company (don't get me wrong, I don't mean I dislike my job... hahaha), wasting 3 years being with someone that I eventually found out that it was far from suitable, being too extravagant that I did not manage to live in a self-owned property, and being not extravagant enough to travel (especially to other countries).

Well, amid the not-so-good things that was in my mind, I felt blessed that I get to live, love, and being loved for 30 years (and the clock is still ticking). Well, I do actually feel blessed with the sweet and bittersweet experiences that I had! Yep, blessings are what I should count, not woes.

Now, the memorable parts. I had spent a total of 5 occasions of birthday treats. Cool eh... hahaha...
- Sep 8: Cantor's group co-celebration with Ben
- Sep 19: PE POG group lunch (co-celebrate with Jessie, Whee Yan, and Chia Ling)
- Sep 21: Co-celebration with Ben (again) and Songxin by bball gang
- Sep 22: PE NPG group lunch (co-celebrate with Swee Aun, Weng Hong, KH and Ai Choo)
- Sep 30: Another co-celebration with Ben, by Andre, Gino, and Ian (to my dismay - in TGIF!!!)

Apart from that, I received:
- 33 greetings in my Facebook Wall and 3 in my Friendster Comments
- 10 SMS greetings
- Innumerable phone calls wishing me birthday

Thank you everyone for all your warm wishes and treats... ;-)

Some of my memorable shots...

[September 21]
Location: Secret Recipe, Belissa Row, Pulau Tikus
Time: 10:30pm

[September 22]
Location: The Dome, Queensbay Mall
Time: 1:00pm

[September 30]
Location: TGI Friday, Queensbay Mall
Time: 1:30pm

P.S. A prize for those who read till the end. At this point I'm sure you know what my primary love language is! LOL!

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