Saturday, October 11, 2008

Victorious Life

Last Wednesday, SWYF had its regular biweekly Intercessory Meeting. This meeting was a bit different from the previous meetings. The worship lasted for about 2 hours, where God decided to open the spiritual eyes of some of the people who attended the meeting. Thus, God led us into deep worship, and He revealed Himself to all of us. The following are the testimonies of the night (made anonymous):

- Jesus appeared as a shepherd, with a lamb by its side, running around the group of attendees and back to Jesus.
- Cloud of Glory hovering above the center of the circle, with dusts of gold falling
- Jesus walking in front of the people in the circle and ministering each of us
- Jesus frantically talking baggages from our outstretched hands
- Mother Mary lifting up a basket of written prayers and petitions (co-held by one of us) towards Heaven, making the basket to be light.
- Chariots of horses and angels joyfully gliding around the center where the glory of God appeared.

From the sensing and discernment of some of us, the SWYF weekly meeting on the coming Friday (3 days from the Intercessory meeting - yesterday) would be a ministering night.

And so, on Friday, as Stephen led the congregation to worship in the beginning, I could feel the touch of God right at the beginning. Only one song was used - Hear Our Praises. As the word in the bridge i.e. Hallelujah was sung, the glory of God could be immediately felt! And, the anointing appeared as something like a whirlwind on the spot of the ceiling about 1 meter away from me, at 4 o'clock from my direction.

After a short introductory praise and worship, Andre led us with a short session of exhortation. The content was based on the conversion of St Paul. Many of the people would think that Saul (pre-conversion name of St Paul) was evil and a bad man. However, according to him, he was living in the era of the Pharisees, and, being a Pharisee himself, he was actually doing what he thought was right - destroy the group of "heretic" people who called themselves Christians, and restore the Jewish faith to God of Abraham. He also pointed that many of us in the present would behave the same as well - an example is the Hindu society in India is actually using the similar torture and death threats to the local Christians. In the eyes of Hindu, they are right. However, God took charge of the conversion of Saul. During the conversion, Saul experienced 3 days of darkness, before the direct Word from God about Ananias healing Saul's eyes came and pass.

Coincidentally, there were some who experienced difficulty and reluctance to come of the Intercessory meeting, and there were some who experienced hindrances from Wednesday and Friday. It resembled the 3 days of darkness in Saul's conversion, and more so, 3 days of darkness from Crucifixion to Resurrection!! And hence, we claimed the promise that then the 3 days of darkness of nights would end with a dawn - a dawn where breakthrough happens.

Indeed, Friday was the night where every person who attended was ministered by God Himself! I could not tell how others felt, but I do feel that, after the meeting, I became ultra-sensitive. I felt like I was touched even when the "Penitential Rite" (I Confess) was being recited. I watched "Mama Mia!" for the second time just now, and (while I did not feel touched during my first time watching), I shed tears when Donna was dressing up for Sophie's wedding.

I have also faced with a small miracle just now. I was on my way to Gurney Plaza for "Mama Mia!" after Mass, and while I was driving, I felt that I wanted to park outside (it cost me RM1.20) as compared to inside the Gurney Plaza car park (which cost at least RM4). So, I was driving around the busy Gurney Drive, and just muttered a short prayer ("I want a car park."). Miraculously, on second round I found a car that was about to leave. Amid the busy and seemingly no-carpark road there was one available at the right moment (if the car left slightly earlier or later, I would not have spotted it). Praise God!

Wait, the miracle has not ended! Half an hour before the movie started, Andre called me and told me that he was stuck in Pulau Tikus (5 minutes away from Gurney Plaza), because his car's alternator malfunctioned, causing his car to 'die'. So, I gotta leave my lovely car park in order to fetch him and his passengers! I thought - why did God give me a nice car park and yet took it away from me. After that thought, I decided that I gotta praise Him no matter what. So, praising God, I drove off. While I was on my way to Pulau Tikus, a sensing suddenly struck me. If I had not have that car park, I would have driven up to Gurney Plaza car park, and that would be much more difficult to get out - we all might be late for the movie (I was holding ALL the tickets!!). And so, praise God that I got the nice car park, that I would be able to fetch Andre and his gang and still able to be on time.

I am further reminded that Jesus came to give us victorious life. Indeed - victorious in MANY MANY ways... even in the very small aspects of our lives. Amen.

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