Friday, October 24, 2008

Lockup For 6-Year-Old

Dear Mr. PM,
On the 27th October 2008 Hindus in malaysia would be celebrating Deepavali-a festival to mark victory over evil.
This celebration does not mean anything to us so long as my Lawyer uncles are in prison,uncle RPK and all others are in prison under ISA.
Please release them as Divali Gift for all Malaysians.
Happy deepavali.Please visit my house for Deepavali. I will wait for you with Flowers and cakes.

Your loving daughter

Vwaishnnavi (signed)
6 years old


You write such a letter and try to send this to our deaf and blind PM, you will go to jail!!! On Thursday, October 23, 2008, as this 6-year-old girl Vwaishnnavi was trying to hand this letter to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi together with 11 adults (one of them is her mother), all the 12 of them was caught and sent to lockup. Read MalaysiaKini news here.

I know that many people have bombarded the PM, the police, and Syed Hamid on this matter. I just want to post this into my blog so that more people would be aware. I would not elaborate this. I just want to end this post with this message of mine:

6 years old is your current record. I am wondering if you are considering arresting 5yo, 4yo, 3yo, 2yo, 1yo, or toddlers. You may say that you are not actually arresting the girl (the girl is cared for by her mom), but she had indeed spent her day in the lockup. Everyone in the world saw a 6yo in lockup. Thank you very much, for once again showering shame on Malaysia!!!


1. Thanks to MalaysiaKini for putting Vox Populi free. Everyone can read the frustrations of the rakyat for free. Read here

2. Vwaishnnavi was released later on the same day, but the damage was already done.

3. I purposely spelt the name Vwaishnnavi 3 times (not including the letter that I copied and pasted), to make a point that the authority has made a shameful limelight towards this little girl, and everyone including myself (I am bad at names) would remember this incident FOR LIFE!


Gnu said...

This is outrageous. And the no brainers think that by replacing the old man and everything will be fine. They just don't get it. It's not the President's the entire arrogant community altogether that continuously provokes other ethnics. And I meant the UMNO!

gnap said...

i'm dumbfounded. :(