Monday, October 6, 2008

Majesty, Power, Love

Yep. That's Jesus.

I was listening to Paradise Church's Power In The Name on my way from basketball to dinner place. At first I sang along (I was fetching Ian and Kevin, and they were listening and singing along too). Then, I sort of went into moment of worship, and the first line of the chorus hit right into my heart.

"Majesty, power and love"

I wept. So majestic and powerful He is, on the Throne of Heaven, yet, because of His overwhelming love, He came down to earth as man, and died for all of us. All. Everyone. Sinners. Unworthy, yet saved by One.

Never underestimate the Name of Jesus. It means Savior. Savior to all mankind.

Power In The Name
Words and Music by Ollie Sebastian
© 2002 Paradise Music

Isn't there something beautiful when you call you that Name
Isn't there power amazing when in unity we say
"Jesus Your love upon that hill means we are saved"
Jesus there is power in Your Name

Majesty, power and love
Holiness, peace from above
With me in mind, Lord You took the blame
Jesus there is power in Your Name

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