Friday, October 24, 2008


I was sending messages through Facebook Walls for the past few days - yes, birthday wishes. As a matter of fact, I sent 3 Wall messages on Wednesday, and another 3 on Thursday. On Friday, I am expecting to send another 3 Wall messages. And, when I launched my Firefox browser for my Facebook updates, guess what I found? I got 6 friends celebrating birthday on Saturday, and 7 friends celebrating on Sunday! See the following snapshots. I am not going to grey it out - so there would be no anonymity.

The following is the expanded view of birthday babes from October 22 to October 26.

The last week of October is indeed a very special week - and a very 'productive' one. And, September 22 is not that special after all (although that day is the most special day for me). :-P

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