Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lunch @ Bon Appetit

I owe this blog post to Patrice. It has been 3 weeks late. Sorry, ma'am... ;-)

Every Thursday Patrice and her coursemates would go through something like a practical, to put their skills of preparing and serving food to customers in action. And, I felt guilty for not able to make it one Thursday noon to witness Patrice in action, so I decided to make it up on the Thursday 3 weeks ago (September 11). I was accompanied by Ben.

We reached KDU's Bon Appetit at about 12:05pm, which was 5 minutes late. We were quickly served by Patrice's colleague / coursemate. Ben ordered a Teriyaki Chicken Rice set, while I ordered Tandoori Chicken Rice set. Each came with appetizer, fruits and coffee/tea, and cost RM12 per set.

The food served was not bad, considering that the cooks were all students. The best was the appetizer - tomyam chicken pai tee (Patrice, please correct me... LOL). It was fantastic.

The service was okay too in overall. There were 5 waiters/waitresses serving our table! LOL! Perhaps by Patrice's command... just kidding. I could sense that the service was provided in a very cautious manner. The few comments that I have:

- Perhaps the entree could be served in a smaller (rectangular) plate. The reason was that the table was small, and the portion was less than half the size of the plate.

- A waitress accidentally removed the dining spoon from Ben's seating. Ben had to sit there for a minute after entree was served before he could "itadakimasu" (:-P).

- [This was from Ben] The bill should be shown only to the one who called the bill (me... :-)). [This was from me] The bill should be held horizontally and not slanting (coins or notes would fly off).

Hmm... too bad Patrice was not serving us. Nevertheless, we got our sole entertainment - Lim Mei Mei was around! Hehehe... Patrice, you are free to share this post with your coursemates. :-)

Some pictures on food and funky (funny) Ben...

Funny Ben with the appetizer (pai tee)

Ben's teriyaki chicken rice

My tandoori chicken rice

A serving of fruits after meal


Patrice said...

Wahahaha, finally got a post hehe! :) Thanks for the comments, I shall keep them in mind. Please do come again, sir! (HEHEHE...)

Oh yeah, you still haven't shown me the 'chicken wings' picture! Me wanna see! XD

David Chan said...


It would be more hilarious if I show you the PowerPoint rather than its picture form... XD. I will show you from my laptop the next time we meet.

Btw, how do you find the Mass on Tuesday?

Patrice said...

Hah, got Powerpoint some more??? Hahaha, even better like that...must show me next time we meet!!! >_<

Hehe, how I found Mass? Read my blog to find out the whole story and what I thought... :)