Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Delayed Pod Birthday Gift

I backdated this blog post for two reasons. First, October 22 is a significant date... it's a month after my birthday. Second, I want to spread my posts, so that it doesn't appear so sporadic... LOL!

I received this in the airport, on the day Ian flew off to Melbourne. This was so sweet of my pod members - Gino, Ian, Ben, and Daniel. Thank you so much for being the younger brothers that I never had. With you guys, I feel like 20 even though the fact is I'm 30. :-) Indeed, 10 years means nothing to God (it might just mean a split-second to Him) - we are all indeed brothers in Christ.

My birthday card and present (Don Moen's latest album)

The card and CD

The close-up of the card (with messages from my pod members)

The following section contains some of the photos taken during pod gatherings. A great collection of moments we had amid our sharings, worshipping of the Lord, and talking craps. The last one was taken during Ian's farewell party, when Ben was off working in Kuala Lumpur.

Taken after one of the pod meeting (worship and intercession) in Ian's bedroom - Ben, Gino, Daniel, Ian, David

Taken at Cafe de Toilet, after our first second pod meeting - Gino, Ian, Ben, David, Daniel
[ First meeting was at Laksa Shack, Queensbay Mall. ]

Taken in Starbucks E-Gate, after Ian's birthday dinner - Daniel, Ben, Ian, David, Gino

I like this photo. Ben sent his double portion of YCF spirit during his absence!! Bwahahaha!!!

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