Monday, June 16, 2008

SWYF Futsal Day

SWYF organized adults vs kids friendly futsal game last Sunday (June 8), from 1pm to 3pm. It was a continuous game with 1-minute timeout at 5-minute gameplay interval. Sounds tiring huh - almost non-stop game for 2 hours. But wait! There were like 20 to 30 players in the field. So, the game was not that tiring after all - unless we chase for the ball all the time, we hardly get to possess the ball!

I missed the first hour of the game. My old junk (my 'beloved' car la) gave me another hole-burning problem the night before - my alternator mal-functioned, draining all my battery power. So, that afternoon A and I were busy looking for a mechanic that opens on Sundays. I was thinking of walking the futsal game over because of my frustration on the car issue. And so, I did not have any suitable sports attire with me. Anyways, thank God we found one mechanic, who was willing to re-charge my battery for 2 hours free of charge. So, we leveraged the 2-hour waiting time by slipping into the futsal court.

The game was fun!! All the while I was exposed to rude and hostile futsal games, which led to much frustration and sour faces. That afternoon, I truly experienced a true friendly match. I only played for like half and hour, wearing a pair of jeans and long-sleeved shirt, and yet I enjoyed the game very much. A win or lose did not seem matter to each of us. Rather, what we enjoyed was the brotherhood (or sisterhood for those lady players out there), teamwork, and sportsmanship amongst us! Well, of course I didn't feel winning or losing mattered - the adults lost the game anyway.

A side note: Little Geronimo suffered the most. Being one of the shortest and youngest player, he almost get whacked all the time - whacked by taller players and the ball. Well, being in a closely-knit SWYF family, it was definitely NOT an assault - how could any one of us bully a 8yo kid?? :-)

P.S. The alternator burnt a RM410 worth of hole in my pocket, hours before I began my spending spree in Singapore!! Ouch!!!

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