Thursday, June 12, 2008

Full Tank Agony

One full tank would normally last me for a week, and I used to pay an average of RM70 per week for my full-tank of petrol. With 40.6 percent increase of Octane 97 petrol price, things are much more different and difficult now. Last Saturday (June 7) marked one of my first ever experience - paying RM100 in a single payment for a full-tank of Octane 97 petrol. RM100!!! My gosh! I'm gonna spend RM400++ a month!

Well, I'm not the only one suffering. Frequent bus travelers are equally suffering. Bus ticket prices have been immediately increased since the diesel price hike on June 5. As I was traveling back to Penang from Singapore yesterday, I got to observe the bus being filled full-tank with diesel. Guess how long it took? 15 minutes. And how much does it cost? See below. Shockingly unbelievable!!!

I HATE it when people's voices are not heeded. Period.

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