Friday, June 20, 2008

'Lost' Time

How would I feel - or rather - how had I felt when I found out that I lost one hour of sleep? Weary and sleepy. I experienced that in one fine spring Sunday morning when I was in Folsom, CA. The date was March 11, 2007 - the day the daylight-saving (DST) time began across US. I was like - c'mon, I slept at 1am and woke up at 7am (for Sunday Mass), but practically I slept for 5 hours only. Duh...

Today, I kinda experienced the similar feeling from a totally different incidences. Yes, I was back in Malaysia, and being an all-time-summer tropical rainforest country, and our time zone in Peninsular is approximately one hour ahead of our local time, it is as good as DST all the time. So, it is IMPOSSIBLE to lose one hour due to DST. Nevertheless, I experienced and noticed that:

- I woke up at 7:50am, almost exactly one hour later than my normal waking-up time @ 7am.
- My housemate left for work at 8:10am. He normally left at 7:15am.
- My supervisor reached office at 8:50am, almost the same time as me. He normally reached on time at 8am.
- Another colleague reached at 8:50am (no idea what time he reached normally).

Strange... Not really. For my case, I was deprived of quality sleep for many days. The others - no idea. :-P

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David Chan said...

Okay, my housemate left at 8:10am, but not for work... :-P