Monday, June 16, 2008


Today (rather, yesterday, since it is now past midnight) I had a lot of fun playing basketball with A, Davis family, JRoldan, Ling, B, Kev, Bobo and Dell guy. It was the first time I truly learn and practise how to play basketball. Surprised huh - a 30 year-old learning basketball. Well, frankly, I played when I was in Form 1, but I didn't really play as a team (rather, I was merely playing around with the ball). I sucked big time then. I stopped attempting to play, and here I was, a noob in basketball.

In the beginning A invited me to play 3-on-3. But after one game, I was like going to die from being out of breath. Of course la... with the fact that I did not work-out for 2 weeks, and my stamina was low, how could I tahan running 10 minutes non-stop?? So, after a game, A taught me the proper shooting method. First he taught me how to use one hand to aim and shoot from the inner free throw arc, and then he taught me how to use the additional aiming hand together with the dominant hand for better shooting method on the free throw line. I occupied the next court and practised alone. It was fun! I never had imagined that I scored so many times from the free throw line before. With the right techniques, I'd made it! Anyways, the price of playing and practising for 2 hours - blisters on both feet. Need more practices to thicken my skin!

I will join them again next week for another game. Sad thing is, Ling is returning to Melbourne this coming Saturday morning. So, we shall play again in September!!

After the game, we went to TGIF Queensbay Mall for free-flow drinks and dinner! The portions were indeed much smaller compared to 1.5 years ago when they first opened in Penang. Anyways, it was a hearty meal and we had much fun fellowshiping! The Davis kids were funny as they posed with their Batman and Spider-Man suits sweaters. See below:

B was funnier. He was craving for his fresh lemon served together with his bottomless iced lemon tea. And there I caught this poser with his lemon!

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Adrian said...

I want to play!! AHHHH!! I had a father's day dinner! dat's why kenot go! T.T