Monday, June 23, 2008

Fighting Dawgs

One fine day as you are walking along the street, you see two stray dogs fighting. Law of nature tells you that, if animals fight, the dominant will win, even if apparently it only lasted for several screams/barks/gnarls or even bites. The question - How do you know which one is dominant?

1. The dominant one seldom makes audible noise.
2. The assaulted barks more.
3. The dominant one trots away with its tail raised.
4. The assaulted runs away with its tail covering its private, and with its head lowered a bit.
5. The dominant will have company (if there is a pack of more than 2 dogs).
6. The assaulted, after left alone, turns back and continues to bark cowardly at the dominant one (as if it is not "satisfied" with the outcome of the argument - the sour grape reaction).

I observed all the above whilst playing basketball yesterday evening, and there were 3 strays right in the middle of the courts causing much commotion - from the losing dog, of course. :-)

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