Thursday, June 5, 2008


June 4, 2008, Wednesday

I left office at 9:29pm. I was planning to go to church to meet Ling, but because I know there were traffic jams all over, I gave up and headed back home. And, because of the stupid jam of people hogging around gas stations, I reached home at 10:08am. I couldn’t even connect to the Internet. I only got GPRS connection which was damn slow. So, I wrote this in my phone… and still not yet finished…

An uneasy balance begun
Setting on the price of depleting energy
Harnessed for convenience sake
But played and tossed around by many
Year by year the price soared
And people are paying more and more

And there came the crazy goliath
Wanting to soar even higher
And thus a word was spoken
Waging gas by three quarter
The sheep and dwarfs gagged in disbelief
Left with frustration no one can relief

And hence all hell break loose
As panicked sheep dashed out with their carts
Gas price is gonna inflate soon
There is no time to waste or lamenting buts
Better get a good deal of goods
Before the inflated price stay for good

In no time roads were blocked
As all vendors were heavily flocked
Even the cops were summoned…


Woke up by a SMS at 12:08am. At that time, I realized it’s over… :-(

Well, what to do? The next day mah go buy petrol at RM 2.70 lor!

By the way, I think I should just leave my poem unfinished just like that. As a sign of frustration and silent protest towards the petrol price hike!!!


shitakaru-pat said...

Haha, I got very irritated too. I got stuck in the jam for about 1 and a half hours. Stupid g*********t and the petrol price. Hmph! :)

Gnu said...

It's like the government is not providing any subsidy anymore... Wait, did you hear that? I think I heard the "chain effect"...