Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two K-Sessions In 4 Days

Last Thursday, I went with my church friends for K-Fever session in RedBox Gurney. Yeah, K-Fever, the 6pm-10pm buffet karaoke. We were served by this gal named Tracy I think (according to D, she was D schoolmate). She assigned us to a 5-10 pax karaoke room (Room 13 - No, to me, 13 is NOT an unlucky number, and the room was NOT spooky at all!).

At first, the teens were a bit shy in picking songs. I was a bit pai-seh to go frenzy that time - no one's picking song how to go frenzy? :-P So, everytime we finished one song, we were either busy eating or picking another song to sing.

A came in at 8:30pm, and after that the picked song list begin to fill up. At any point of time thereafter, there were in average 10-15 songs in the list. So, we went a bit crazy, and minding not the screaming, yelling, and scratchy voices, we sang our lungs out! We ended at 1am!! Gosh, it was Friday then, and we gotta work!! Except A!! [Why? Click here.]

On Sunday (4 days later), again I went to RedBox Karaoke with my colleagues. Guess what? K-Fever (buffet karaoke) again. Tracy again! Room 13 AGAIN!!! Hahaha! What a coincidence - erm, I don't think so la. Tracy's probably on 6pm shift. And, for some reason Tracy always gave customers Room 13.

This time, we waited for no one, and went crazy straightaway. At any given point of time, the list was almost full (3 pages of songs in the list)! We're so crazy that most of us were dead tired after the yelling and screaming. And guess what, we ended at 1am again!

Man... Monday blues... YESSS, all of us were working on that Monday... Sleep-deprived, we were walking around like zombie... zombie... zombie... eh... eh... eh... oh... oh... (ok ok ok, enough of singings...)

P.S. For both sessions, we were required to take 3 bowls of titbits and one packet of crackers, at RM8++ per item! They are really too much... Who ever wants titbits that could do only harm to our voices while singing?? Well, what to do? RedBox what. Almost monopolizing Penang KTV market already - no competition - even Star KTV could not compete with them.

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