Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Face

Aftermath of Oh! Pontoon!!

Having new nicknames on top of what I’ve already had.
- Lobster Face
- Guan Yu / Guan Yun-chang (one of the major character in Three Kingdoms)
- Justice Pao
- Reptile Face (my skin is peeling off now)
- Charcoal Head

Same question that yield same answer, from different people at different times. I’m not saying that’s bad. I do appreciate the care they’ve shown. But, after answering the same question in the same way for, say, 15 times (20 times as of 4/17), I’ll get bored and lazy.

“Oei! What happen to your face la?”
“Sunburn lor… Last weekend I helped out my friend’s mom in a team-building she organized for the Astro people.”
“Where? Where?”
“The beach opposite Tropical Spice Garden… been under the sun for 7 hours straight, so mah like that lor…”

At times I just held my fists in ancient Chinese salute gesture, partly to hide my face and partly to avoid further conversation. Me bad huh!

My face hurt. Putting my Nivea for Men moisturizer does not help either. A suggested Aloe Vera gel - as aloe-vera as possible, he said. LOL!

My face really becomes reptile face. Dark-colored dead skins peeled off by itself - some I purposely scraped out. Now I got dark face with red patches, or rather, red face with dark patches. I even have a red nose - a result of over-peeling. Pinch my nose - it honks!!!

My face, neck, and arms are heavily tanned (or rather, burnt). My legs, from knee downward, are partially tanned. Not other parts of my body. I really feel weird.

Well, I can’t blame anybody. I brought myself my Coppertone SPF45, but when I reached there, I noticed that it leaked, and it was near empty. So, I managed to put a few drip on my arms, and that’s it. My face, maximum exposure!

I need to replenish my sun-block for this Saturday, or else, I may come in to office again next week and scare the heck out of all my colleagues.

Ciao! Intercessory meeting in 40 minutes’ time.

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Aven said...

HaHa... I know how it feels. I went to Bt Merah Laketown a month ago. Well, I've sunburns too even wif sunblock.