Friday, April 11, 2008

Land of Milk and Honey Wannabe

My country, the land where my blood was spilt,
Her people live, united and progressive be,
Blessings of happiness, may God grant,
And in peace, enthroned may our King be.

Looking back five decades in the past,
Three families in unity joined their hands,
A resourceful frontier was claimed,
Independence was their song and stand.

As time flies, their hands miss-gripped,
Imbalance wreaked, the alliances gravely lied,
Mutual harmony the families had tried,
Alas the crown-bearing heads had it denied.

Rights of childrens gradually robbed,
Their families painfully sobbed,
The shepherds had themselves flourished,
From the children's hard-earned coins they snatched.

Richer the rich, poorer the poor,
What's gonna happen, no one was sure,
Yet there beamed a ray of hope,
Against the "comfort zone" did the children vote.

A new lead was called to action,
Yielded more than a revolution,
Five-fold hits aimed against status quo,
Marks the new era of northwest legion.

Whilst badly beaten the goliath be,
Blinded by the stones of vox populi,
A unbelievable path now the giant chose,
A rat-race of deafness did he walk and boast.

Showers of blames amongst the Philistines,
Appears like stones from west to east,
Fiery flames thrown off the predecessor,
Shielded foolishly by the helpless successor.

As the dwarfs watched the drama,
Boldness action they already began,
A barricade the trio formed,
At the gate of challenge the dwarfs stormed.

A great wrestle had begun,
To see who's better they had fought,
But never they should forget one fact,
That is to keep the children's needs intact.

Half a century the giant had wasted,
Another half the dwarfs hope to lead,
Harmony, justice, understanding and peace,
Are the only precious things the children seek.


Gnap said...

Wah! did u write this yourself? Hor liao, man!

Gnu said...

yalor, so "chim" and good use of metaphors...

gnap: eih, everywhere also I see you der? :p

David Chan / Chan Yew Mun said...

Haha... first time blog against the situation we are in right now. So have to be indirect a bit. Have been reading MKini to update myself. Frustrated sometimes at those leaders though.