Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Busy and Exciting Week

A cancelled cantor practice last Monday, after a hectic yet exciting Holy Week. Thought of having some time off, but on Monday itself, A called for help from my pod group in the SWYF 26th Anniversary Mass on Friday (yes, Friday of the same week!). So, instead of enjoying the time off from practice, I gotta call an emergency pod meeting that Monday night. During the pod meeting, deep within myself I felt that we have not had a fellowship amongst 5 of us - and now one of us is away. The last time we fellowship was before 'I' left for Australia. I do really miss the good times 5 of us had - worship, sharing, supper in Teluk Bayan, messing around on 'I''s bed tickling each other.

The meeting lasted quite fast, with all the jobs delegated evenly - food, Mass kit and song preparation (we ended up talking more craps than discussing). Nevertheless, on the Friday night itself several things went wrong - several means a lot. Well, I learnt loads of stuff from the mistakes. And the good thing is, the Mass was great! A charismatic Mass it was indeed. Though I was busy and panicked over the glitches here and there, I could feel the strong presence of God - He is great!! Praise God! And of course, from SWYF's reputation, we had a great fellowship too.

In between (on Wednesday), the Life in the Spirit Seminar (organized by, yes, SWYF) began. It is going to be 9 sessions long, covering 11 topics across 7 weeks (from Easter Week to Pentecost). My first 7-week LSS it is. It has been 3 years since my LSS, and indeed I am hoping that I could deepen my experience through this long journey of LSS.

One more thing that happened last week. A received his VSS package - I could feel his happiness radiating wherever he goes. Haha...

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David Chan said...

I told A I was jealous at him having so much freedom. His reply: "You won't when you see me going crazy." :-P