Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Income Tax e-Filing

Just finished my obligation as a Malaysian citizen, which is to file my income tax. And, this is my first time doing something online for the government. It was so simple - a few clicks and keying in of numbers, and it posed less hassle than doing it manual. Now I felt as if a burden was lifted.

I realized that, after working of 7 years, I was now having a situation that I could not simply ignore any opportunities for tax deduction. Just for instance, I put in a conservative figure for my Medical Insurance deduction, and I left my deduction for Books and Magazines blank. After deducting my contribution to Periodic Tax Deduction (PCB), I still need to pay a large amount. However, after updating the above two items with the correct number, the amount that I still need to pay dropped tremendously!

I don't have to worry about my income tax payable next year - I am looking forward to my additional deduction from my purchase of my laptop. :-)

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Gnu said...

Wah, how come the censor at the Jumlah Pendapatan is so long one? Mine is just half of yours:p