Saturday, April 26, 2008

Send The Fire

Yesterday we had a great worship session in Shalom Working Youth Fellowship meeting. Usually, we started off with Praise and Worship, and then followed by sharing. Because of God's (manifested) presence was so strong during the meeting, the PAW was extended, hence the sharing had to be postponed.

At first, we had our normal PAW session. And during the worship, we could see that people were felling (oops... I mean resting in the spirit). What appears to be a turning point is when God called the congregation for repentence and renunciation of sins. And surely, we accepted the call by just standing right there and let the Lord minister to us.

Worship becomes more intense when the shekina was identified in various spots in the room, especially at the place where the psalmistry team was at. So, all SWYF core team members, ex-core team members, and second-liners were called to be ministered there. God's (manifested) presence was so strong that many of them, while resting in the spirit, was anointed with God's flowing water that is the Holy Spirit. I was one of the catchers, and I could feel it around the place I was standing. It was awesome!

Next came the holy laughter. One of the anointed ministerers just touched me and a few of us, and we fell into laughter. Indeed God is good, and He has intended to quench our thirsty souls that night. And, although I was dead tired, I felt like being strengthened again from my fatigue, and hence wanting to worship Him more and more. God is good!

Looking forward with the Spirit-filled and fiery Pentecost in 2 weeks' time.


David Chan said...

This is one of my shortest post. God is too awesome that I do not have enough vocabulary to describe it....

Ian Ling said...

Wow.. God is really good... I wish i could be there and experience what you guys experience...:)