Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Malaysiakini Not Friendly

A title extracted from an official report from Malaysiakini website. You can read for more details in the hyperlink above.

Guess what that implicates. It means, these fellas do not like this media, hence they would boot them out from giving official reports on their general assembly. It also means, they only want pleasing words to reach out to the people through 'friendly media'. Well, it can also mean something else. Very simple - to the millions of people that do NOT cast their vote for these fellas, you will be booted out.

These fellas just don't get it. It is perfectly fine and perfectly legal for a person to hate another person. And furthermore, it is perfectly fine for a people to hate someone that they did not vote for. And, guess what? There are millions of them.

Is this what we want these fellas to rule and take control of your life? Fellas that do not care of the minority? Fellas that only hail words of praise? Fellas that make so much fuss about God's Name and then rob due praise from God? Fellas that never listens to criticisms and hence yearn to seek for improvement? What is the use of a group of people who does not want check and balance, who does not listen to both sides of the story, who does not want even though what it does is wrong?

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