Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I just came back from a free lunch :-), and after parking the car, I walked past one of my colleague's car with registration number WRK xxxx. Three thoughts popped up in my mind:

1. There are so many demands for KL car. Wonder if the demand is still the same amid the coming recession.

2. When will it reach WYY? And, what happened to the next KL car after WYY 9999? WAAA 1, or perhaps WAA 1 A?

3. Cit!!! Buy car also must think of work... even the number plate also consists of WoRK... Haihz...

[ No offense to my colleague... :-P ]

Still, I would prefer buying KL car compared to Penang car. Less depreciation, and less volatile (I am not a Penang local... see my number plate... wakakakakak!!!)

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