Friday, November 14, 2008

The Altera Bridge

The semiconductor company that I am working in - Altera Corporation - is soon to have her fourth building (labeled as Building 3 in Wikimapia as shown below) up and filled by end of this year.

The original Altera campus, sandwiched by Medan Bayan Lepas, Dynacraft, and Motorola, comprises of the main building (1 and 2), a multilevel car park, and an open air car park. With the expanding amount of employees hired, Altera definitely need another huge building, too huge that the original campus is not able to fit in. And so, the big bushy area across the road need to be 'transformed', as witnessed below.

"Autobots ALTERA, transform and rollout!!"

WW15 2008

WW16 2008 (April 14)

WW28 2008 (July 8)

WW43 2008 (Oct 20)

In order to keep all buildings connected to each other, an overhead bridge is required to connect the multilevel car park and the new building, across Medan Bayan Lepas. And so, the 'gateway' is being constructed!

The bridge construction pictures above were captured yesterday (WW46 2008, November 12). The construction is expected to complete by end of this year. With the completion, Altera will be the first company in Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone to have an overhead bridge across a trunk road! Which makes me proud of being part of al-Terror! And, for heavy vehicles taller than 4.5-m, sorry la... no passing, please.

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gnap said...

Hey, great post and update. Amazing speed, looking at the wk to wk progress. And your dept get to enjoy the new building!