Thursday, November 20, 2008

Permit To Not Breathe

I was actually too tied up with 'official stuff' to write any kind of interesting happenings on Bolehland (my, I missed so much). However, looking at the text below just made me feel funny and at the same time outraged. I have not much to say, just wanna rant...

The following are the excerpts of one of the MalaysiaKini news.

Last Sunday, some 200 individuals took part in a candlelight vigil at the Petaling Jaya civic centre in support of the dismantling of the Internal Security Act (ISA).

A police permit was issued to Petaling Jaya city councilor Richard Yeoh for the event and twelve conditions were imposed as part of the permit. A full list is reproduced below:

- Organisers are responsible for the safety of the participants.

- Permission to use the venue is the responsibility of the organiser.

- Crowd must not spill onto the road and cause traffic obstruction.

- No form of political or racial speeches allowed.

- No use of fireworks or explosives, unless explicitly allowed by the police.

- No use of dangerous weapons.

- Organiser must ensure that there is no burning of candles to protest the ISA.

- Organiser must ensure that participants do not wear clothes which call for the abolishment of the ISA.

- Organiser must not hold any activities which show support for ISA detainees.

- Banners and fliers calling for the abolition of the ISA are forbidden.

- The police are free to make audio and video recordings of the event.


I understand quite well that the first 6 points serve to maintain order, harmony, and peace during the gathering. No one would not accept it, particularly during a peaceful candlelight vigil. However, the next 4 points are simply stupid. What's wrong with wearing something against the ISA? What's wrong with the rakyat standing up against something that is threatening their freedom and rights?

Why not simply include the following clause in the permit?
- Organiser must not allow participants to breathe throughout the gathering.

Is it not the same as killing a person's freedom of expression? Where is Article 10?

If a person think just by distinguishing our candles would make us eventually give up, I can say that the person is so wrong. And, so much so that the Light of the world that has been there for 2000 years has never and will never be extinguished. The Light that is always with us and would keep burning till the end of age (Matthew 28:20).

Ahh... on the last point, if the police are free to make audio and video recordings, then I must say reporters can also the same. Well... it is basically an understatement that a reporter (who is my nature neutral) can make any kind of footage about what is happening in the world. Indeed, it is the job of a reporter - to report the truth. And that is particularly the reason why reporters can risk their lives to record live footage in the midst of a war, and every reporter who hails truth understands that it is his noble task to do so. So, what on earth is going on when you run amok at a person who caught you 'playing' with water cannons!?!?

Btw, I would say bloggers can do the same as well. :-P

Lastly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with me re-posting the following:

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