Friday, November 21, 2008

Rakyat In Trouble

You would know that the Bolehland rakyat are in deep trouble when:

1. The people voted by rakyat do not listen to the needs of the rakyat.

2. You need police's permission to talk. [here]

3. The federal government earns money not solely by federal tax payed by taxpayers (rakyat who earn above a certain bracket of amount per annum), but also by the net profits earned from the sales of (naturally-resourced) commodities to the rakyat. [here]

4. Bolehland rakyat start to consider traveling away from their own country, across Thai and Singapore border to get cheaper gas.

5. The Judiciary faction is being challenged by the Legislative/Executive factions, and that the supremacy of a judicial decision is being questioned by a mere minister. [here and here]

6. The Home Minister says he did not know anything about what police is planning to do or has already done.

7. The world except Bolehland is declaring recession.

8. In the midst of recession, the federal government encourages the rakyat to spend more for something that cost much less (see point 3 and 4), as well as to ignore soaring inflation rate by reducing EPF contribution by 3% (hence the rakyat has 3% extra to spend every month, a compounded 3% less for their retirement, and some additional 3% more to pay for federal government taxes). [read here for more rants]

9. History and live footage is being 'erased' and 'changed' by authorities. [here]
--> I guess one solution is to wire all inputs to video cameras to headquarters and back it up in a secret location, so that in the event the casette is tampered, the headquarters can still have at least an archive of the LIVE footage.

10. People regard ISA not as a way to protect the rakyat from communism and terrorism, but as a modern day Crucifixion of the righteous.


Gnu said...

yeah, i wonder why is malaysia so quiet amidst the econ crisis. Is Bolehland really that kebal or they didn't asess the situation or the assessment takes longer than usual time...

David Chan said...

State of denial... the worst point of all state machines!!

Woops... I guess I'm too immersed in work! Hahaha!!