Monday, September 1, 2008

Too Hilarious Not To Share

Last week I encountered something hilarious, twice.

First, "the USB multi-funcfional"... haha... sounds weird? Yes, it was called such way. It was actually a multiple-channel (or to be spelt correctly, multi-functional) USB hub. The following pictures will make your stomach burst ("pecah perut" as labeled in the most recent Senario movie tag line). I did ROTFLMHO!! Wakakakakaka!

USB hub casing, front view

USB hub casing, back view, with description of usage

Due to my cell phone camera not able to auto-focus, the picture was a bit blur, so was the wording. So, I retyped as follows:

"When you are traveling,Do you bring the very more USB cable?Is it very trable?Now, you have the USB multi funcfional,the door is throw wide open to your."

??? ---- !!! ---- Wakakakakakaka!!!

Second, a banner I saw in Mayang Mall. It was located outside a job-hunting company, where they have this banner looking for Production Operators for certain companies. Read the wording carefully. The English translation was supposed to be "Production Operators, Female or Male". Because of forced simplicity in wordings and punctuation, I myself at the first glance interpreted it as: "Female / Male Producing Operators". Hmm... Mass production of human clones?? Muahahahahahahahahh!!!!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!! WOW...I knew the standard of English was dropping...but BM as well? :)


Gnu said...

On the "producing operator", is it another survey conducted by Durex or Okamoto 003? How's the pay? :p

gnap said...

scary! hahahaa

dannyboy said...

lol... can't stop laughing!!!
i've got a similiar case too...
will post it soon...