Saturday, September 13, 2008

Peace Vs Chaos

For the past 3 weeks, a very hot and sensitive topic was discussed across Bolehland. It is none other than Ahmad Ismail reportedly saying that Malaysian Chinese are mere squatters during a by-election campaign. As a result, we have several happenings, listed as follows:

1. PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi saying on Ahmad Ismail's behalf that the latter did not mean what he said.
2. DPM Najib Abdul Razak apologizing on Ahmad's behalf.
3. Ahmad denied apology and remorse, and warned Chinese not to be like American Jews.
4. One UMNO leader tearing Gerakan leader Koh Tsu Koon's poster.
5. Ahmad suspended from active politics for 3 years.
6. Arrest of a journalist under ISA.
7. [ Rumor ] Call to boycott so-called petrol station owned by Ahmad and Nasi Kandar chains that supported Ahmad.

Looking at the rumor alone, we might think that... Alamak... Penang is in danger. Many have recommended that Chinese should not wander around streets of Penang at night. Well, come and think about it. If the rumors are true, and if all Malays in Penang are like the one who did the poster tearing, we would indeed be in grave danger!

Anyway, today at about 45 minutes past midnight, I went to a Nasi Kandar stall, filled with Malays, to buy two packets of nasi lemak. I walked past the seated Malays, approached the stall manned by Mamak (Muslim Indian), and ordered two sets of nasi lemak to go. After that, I walked past the seated Malays again towards my car. Then, I drove away. Guess how I felt? I felt the presence of peaceful and calm Malay and Indian buddies. Well, I would call them buddies because from a quick glance, I could see kindness and friendliness in their eyes. Peace, my brethren.... peace.

I sort of have a conclusion. While a remnant brethren want chaos, almost all want PEACE. So, what are the remnants actually fighting for?

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lilian said...

Go read what sai hami said on The Star. They detained Tan 'for her own safety'. I don't know to laugh or what. They have the wrong strategy and they lost the plot.