Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today is a good day to fight

Wallau! It has been nearly two months since I last wrote my blog! Nearly lost all the blogging spirit after being down with a cold, healed, busy with Advent and Christmas, another round of flu, and get healed. What a time wasted!

Well, today is indeed a big historical day for Malaysia, as we will again see a 3-corner fight between BN, PR and an independent part in Kuala Terengganu. Since the sudden collapse and death of the former Kuala Terengganu MP Deputy Education Minister Razali Ismail passed away on November 28 last year, this is the day that both BN and PR are looking for.

Since the nomination day, many things have happened, which include:

- Sudden inflow of money to some Terengganu businessmen
- Permit to campaign by PR leaders denied
- Journalists receiving envelope with money
- Poll analyst Ong Kian Ming giving his piece of analysis with poll results would swing in PAS favor
- Our "beloved" current DPM and PM in-waiting is seen extra busy, not with his Executive portfolio, but in a by-election (oops... he did it again, first time being in Permatang Pauh)
- And many more. I don't have to mention in detail. In fact, I don't even follow the news very very closely.

Hmm... makes you wonder who to believe and trust, and makes you ponder why certain people are easily irritated when accused of being involved in "money politics" eh...

Well, if you are asking me personally which one would I prefer, no doubt I want PAS to win. This would be like a slap on BN's face once again - hopefully, and God-willing (:-)) they will realize that arrogance doesn't pay. Well, don't expect much from post by-election analysis of theirs, they could once again fall into the state of denial by bringing up blames and finger-pointing actions in their post-mortem. I would also want to see PR maintain her number of representatives in Parliament at 82 (at least for now), so that the giant's irritating an favored voice would be continued to be suppressed with the same amount of strength.

In general, I pray that all citizens under the Kuala Terengganu constituency would vote wisely, that God will give them wisdom, courage, and foresight of who they want as their representative and voice in the People's Chamber (Dewan Rakyat lar...)


Wilson said...

yeah~~ finally you are back !!!

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Gnu said...

PAS won KT! Another Big slap on the face...