Thursday, March 20, 2008

Y Nip

Two days ago, I went to have dinner with A and B in Y Nip Restaurant at Kereta Air Road. It was a short walk from another Nip Restaurant (F). We usually went to F Nip, because A likes the service there, and the food is really good, but that day we decided to try something different. So we went to Y Nip instead.

I am a salmon lover, while A and B are craving for pork and chicken respectively. So, I ordered Hot Plate Salmon Set, while B ordered Hot Plate Chicken Set. A wanted to have something like Hot Plate Pork Set, but it was off the menu. Instead, there is one Pork Mayo Set. So, A asked the waitress (miss tomboy WT) if they can prepare Hot Plate Pork Set. She immediately disappeared into the kitchen, and after about 5 minutes, came out and said, "Cannot, not enough pork."

So, A instead asked if Pork Mayo Set is available. And she said yes. At that point, three of us looked at each other, in disbelief and skepticism. A shrugged and said, "OK fine, Pork Mayo Set then."

(After WT left)
Me: I can't believe it, they do not have enough pork for Hot Plate Pork Set, but they have enough for Pork Mayo Set.
A: Yeah... What she said doesn't make sense at all.

Deep down in my heart, I could sense WT simply ignored our out-of-menu requests and gave a lame reason to avoid preparing it, which shuns off unnecessary nuisance. Well, there goes the "customer is always right" service from Y Nip!!

As for my set, I waited for like - 30 minutes. I told B they might have bought the set directly from F Nip. B said they bought raw salmon from F Nip and cooked it themselves instead. What a good laugh we had.

Lastly, a little compliment after all setbacks - my Salmon Set tasted good. Next time, I'll go to F Nip instead. Haha...

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