Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Elephant and The Blue

Alone in the white room
I mesmerised in gloom
Leaning by the elephant
A timeless supply of nitrogen
Steaming hot, freezing cold
It's up to me to behold
Looking mindlessly at the screen
Enveloped by the terrible din
The hissing elephant's call
Was driving me up the wall
I thought it would be well
By plugging my ear canal
But little did I know
The stupid PC told me no
Its face suddenly turned blue
And devoured all my data too
Had I not done my backup yet
All information gone just like that
In deep anger and agony
Forcefully I poked its belly
In minutes it would be up and sane
Never would I know if it'll happen again

White room - Engineering Lab
Elephant - Temperature Forcing System

No, my PC did NOT hang, and I did not lose any data. I was just frustrated by the noise, and bored of the waiting, so I let my imagination run wild. :-P

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